A319, A320 and A321 Captains for Air Guilin in China

Air Guilin | LISTING DATE: Aug 2019
REF#: 0009

Air Guilin is a Chinese airline based at Guilin Liangjiang International Airport in Guangxi. A joint venture between the Guilin Municipal Government and HNA Group, the airline began operations in June 2016 using Airbus A319 aircraft. It intends to boost the tourism industry in Guilin with an all A319/320 Fleet. By the end of 2019, the fleet will develop to 30 aircraft. Around 200 experienced captains will be needed in next five years. Its base Guilin, is a beautiful tourist city with diverse culture located in the south of China.

B737NG Captains for Okay Airways in China

Okay Airways | LISTING DATE: Aug 2019
REF#: 0011

Okay Airways is an Airline headquartered in Shunyi District, Beijing, People's Republic of China. It operates passenger flight services and dedicated cargo services. Its main hubs are Tianjin Binhai International Airport, Xi'an Xianyang International Airport and secondary hub is Changsha Huanghua International Airport. They are currently seeking B737 NG Captains.

Pilot Recruitment of Fuzhou Airlines B737 and E190 Captains

Fuzhou Airlines | LISTING DATE: Aug 2019
REF#: 0023

Avionco is pleased to announce a new partnership with Fuzhou Airlines for the provision of B737 NG and E190 Captains to be based in Fuzhou, Harbin, and Xi'an, China. This airline is part of Hainan Airlines Group and currently has 17 B737 NG aircraft, operating a domestic network covering the South and Southwest part of China. Their expansion plan will see a fleet of 24 B737-800, and 2 B787 aircraft by the end of 2020 and their network will cover regional and international destinations. The Contract Terms are desirable and include an excellent monthly basic salary (earn up to $ 314,000 per year), monthly accommodation allowance, overtime, annual bonuses, rotations, sick days, insurance, educational benefits, and with all Chinese taxes paid!

Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX with Amphibious Floats

Hai Au | LISTING DATE: Aug 2019
REF#: 0027

Avionco is happy to represent Hai Au Aviation who is a member of the Thien Minh Group – a leading travel and hospitality group in Southeast Asia. Hai Au Aviation is proud to be the pioneer in commercial seaplane service in Vietnam, bringing a fresh and unique travel and sightseeing experience to Vietnam’s most beautiful destinations. As the first ever seaplane service provider in Vietnam, Hai Au Aviation has served over 30,000 customers from 47 countries, and operated over 2,500 flights with over 300,000km bringing breath-taking sightseeing experiences across Vietnam’s most beautiful landscapes.

Experienced A320 Captains

Spring Airlines | LISTING DATE: Aug 2019
REF#: 0028

Avionco is currently seeking experienced A320 Captains who are looking to expand their career in China’s growing aviation market.

The airline operates a fleet of over 80 A320/1s to more than 100 destinations throughout Asia, giving pilots the chance to experience a variety of cultures and locations.

To be flexible and meet the needs of their pilots’ individual lifestyles, they offer 2 commuting and 1 local roster option. This gives you the chance to go back and spend quality time in your home country or remain local and experience Chinese culture to its fullest.

Screenings are taking place monthly throughout 2019 and slots are filling up fast. The screening process for Spring Airlines is faster than most other Chinese airlines, as candidates only travel to China twice.

A320 Captains for GX Airlines in China (update)

GX Airlines | LISTING DATE: Aug 2019
REF#: 0004

Avionco is happy to announce that we are recruiting Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines (or simply GX Airlines) For A320 Captains.  This is a Chinese airline based at Nanning Wuxu International Airport. It is a joint venture between Tianjin Airlines and the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Investment Group. GX Airlines commenced operations on 13 February 2015 as one of the first airlines based in Guangxi. It is located in China’s only coastal autonomous region and now serves 28 destinations in the People's Republic of China and is rapidly growing.

A319, A320, A321 Captains for West Air in China

West Air | LISTING DATE: Aug 2019
REF#: 0008

Avionco is looking for A319, A320, A321 captains on behalf of our client West Air, in the beautiful mountain city of Chongqing.  West Air is a regional airline with headquarters in Chongqing, China. Offering an excellent Salary with annual bonuses, overtime pay, travel allowances, sickleave and rotation options.



B737 A320 and A330 Captains for Lucky Airlines in China

Lucky Airlines | LISTING DATE: Aug 2019
REF#: 0010

Lucky Air this airline was established in July 2004 as a start-up airline known as Shilin Airlines,
in December 2005 Shilin Airlines changed its name to Lucky Air. It started operations with a
flight between Kunming and Dali within Yunnan in February 2006. It is now owned by Hainan
Airlines, Shanxi Airlines and Yunnan Shilin Tourism Aviation. Lucky Air’s fleet has grown to
include B737NG’s A320’s and A330’s and is now rapidly growing. It is now seeking Captains on
the B737, A320 and A330 aircraft.

CRJ 200/700/900 Captains – Newly relaxed minimums!

China Express Airlines | LISTING DATE: Aug 2019
REF#: 0003

We have been recruiting for this airline since the inception of its first CRJ Airplane. Now, with many CRJ Aircraft and more on order, this is a unique chance to grow with one of the fastest developing Chinese Regional Carriers. Join the airline with an excellent 3-year renewable contract offering the best commuting options including a month on/month off roster schedules, and fantastic pay.

B737NG, B747, B777, B787

Suparna Airlines | LISTING DATE: Aug 2019
REF#: 0026

Avionco is looking for B737NG, B747, B777 and B787 captains on behalf of Suparna Airlines. This Airline will accept all rated Captains with more than 5000H on commercial aircraft for upgrade to B737NG/B747/B77 and B787!!

Suparna Airlines is headquartered in Shanghai and formerly known as Yangtze River Express Airlines.  Established in 2002 as a Shanghai-based airline company of HNS Group, Suparna Airlines is committed to build a brand –new aviation company in China. Operating with both passenger and cargo they have a fleet consisting of 22 aircraft and operate in over 60 domestic and international routes. A firm order of 3 B787 has been placed and are expected to arrive through 2018-2019.

A320/A330 Captains for Sichuan Airlines

Sichuan Airlines | LISTING DATE: Apr 2019
REF#: 0025

Avionco is looking for A320, A330 captains on behalf of Sichuan Airlines.  Sichuan Airlines is a regional airline with headquarters in Chengdu Shuangliu. They currently have a fleet of over 150 Airbuses. Sichuan is operating scheduled domestic and international flights out of Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, and Kunming Changshui International Airport.


This is an incredible opportunity! 

  • Work a 3-year renewable contract
  • Great rotation options including a month on/month off (A320 only)
  • Make up to 301,800 USD per year for the A320
  • Make up to 281,400 per year for the A330
  • Annual increase in your basic salary and overtime fee
  • Housing and Travel allowance provided
  • Ticket benefits for pilots and families
  • Annual Safety bonus (no accident or incident)
  • Contract Completion Bonuses
  • Great Sign on Bonus

Pilot Recruitment of China Eastern Airlines B737NG and A320 Captains

China Eastern | LISTING DATE: Feb 2019
REF#: 0024

Avionco is pleased to announce a new partnership with China Eastern Airlines for the provision of B737 NG and A320 Captains to be based in Shanghai.  This airline has its headquarters located in Shanghai and is one of the three major airlines in mainland China.  The Contract Terms are very appealing and include an excellent monthly basic salary (earn up to $ 216,000 per year), monthly accommodation allowance, overtime, annual bonuses, rotations, sick days, insurance and with all Chinese taxes paid!

A320/A330 Captains for Beijing Capital Airlines

Beijing Capital Airlines | LISTING DATE: Oct 2018
REF#: 0021

Avionco is accepting resumes for A320 and A330 Captains on behalf of Beijing Capital Airlines. This company was founded initially as Deer Jet Airlines and in 2010 began its scheduled operations using Airbus aircraft as Capital Airlines. They operate mainly in China including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Since 2015, long-haul flights between China and other cities have been operated by Beijing Capital Airlines with Airbus A330 aircraft. These cities include Helsinki, Mexico City, Zagreb, and in 2018 they are adding flights to Los Angeles.

Fly for this family-friendly Airline with education allowances for the International school of your choice. This job Includes terrific pay and excellent benefits and plenty of rotation options.

Pilot Recruitment for Tianjin Airlines China – E190 and A320/A330 Captain

Tianjin Airlines | LISTING DATE: Aug 2018
REF#: 0018

Tianjin Airlines formerly Grand China Express Air is headquartered in Tianjin Binhai China at the International Airport. They operate domestic scheduled passenger and cargo flights.

In 2016 the airline launched international long-haul services to serve destinations in Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. They now service Auckland, New Zealand, London-Gatwick in the UK and Moscow-Sheremetyevo in Russia. In 2017 it stated its long-haul service to Melbourne.

This is an excellent opportunity to make some of the best salaries in China, and to choose from amongst the best rotation offers available.

B737 NG Captains for Xiamen in China

Xiamen Air | LISTING DATE: May 2018
REF#: 0014

Avionco is looking for B737 captains on behalf of XIAMEN Airlines.

XiamenAir is a Chinese passenger airline based in Xiamen, Fujian Province. The airline operates scheduled passenger flights out of Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport and, to a lesser extent, Fuzhou Changle International Airport and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. 

Xiamen Airlines is featuring an all-Boeing fleet including the brand new 787 Dream liner aircraft. Xiamen Airlines operates 218 domestic routes, and 26 international and regional routes, and offers more than 3,200 weekly flights.

This is an incredible Opportunity!

  • 3 year renewable contract
  • Based in Xiamen
  • Financial Performance Bonus
  • Housing and ticket allowance
  • Educational allowance
  • Annual Safety Bonus
  • Radio Operator Bonus
  • CAT B Instructor Bonus
  • Contract Renewal Bonus
  • Overtime Payment