Experienced A320 Captains

Spring Airlines | LISTING DATE: Jun 2020
REF#: 0028

Avionco is currently seeking experienced A320 Captains who are looking to expand their career in China’s growing aviation market.

The airline operates a fleet of over 80 A320/1s to more than 100 destinations throughout Asia, giving pilots the chance to experience a variety of cultures and locations.

To be flexible and meet the needs of their pilots’ individual lifestyles, they offer 2 commuting and 1 local roster option. This gives you the chance to go back and spend quality time in your home country or remain local and experience Chinese culture to its fullest.

Screenings are taking place monthly throughout 2019 and slots are filling up fast. The screening process for Spring Airlines is faster than most other Chinese airlines, as candidates only travel to China twice.

A220 Training Captain Candidates

Avionco | LISTING DATE: Jun 2020
REF#: 0041

Avionco is currently looking for Boeing or Airbus Training Captains to transition to the A220 Aircraft in support of entry into service training programs for customers worldwide.

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