Recruiting B737 Captains on behalf of Spring Airlines Japan!

Spring Airlines | LISTING DATE: Jun 2020
REF#: 0005

Avionco is delighted to be recruiting B737 Captains for Spring Japan. Spring Airlines Japan Co., Ltd. is a low-cost airline headquartered in Kozunomori, Narita, Japan. It is 33% owned by Spring Airlines, a Chinese low-cost carrier, with the remainder held by various Japanese investors. Their fleet consists of B 737-800 aircraft flying to various airports in Japan and China. Spring Airlines serves destinations all around China, Cambodia, Thailand, Macao, Hong Kong and Japan and is planning a fairly aggressive growth campaign for mid-2019 between China and South East Asia.

Terms & Conditions

Contract Period

3 years Renewable

Minimum Requirements

  • B737 type rating ICAO license holder or Jet type rating for JCAB license holder.
  • Minimum of 1000 hours PIC time with commercial airline.
  • Minimum 4000 hours total Pilot flight time, 3000 on jet.
  • EFIS: 1000 hours
  • PIC: 1500 hours on jet with maximum takeoff weight of 50,000kg or above, or 2000 hours on jet with maximum takeoff weight of 30,000kg or above.
  • Valid ATPL form ICAO recognized country
  • Valid Class I Medical Certificate (ICAO)
  • ICAO level 4 or above.
  • Last flight as PIC within 12 months preferred.
  • No flight incident/accident record; No criminal record.
  • Below 55 years old if ICAO type rated, below 60 years at employment if JCAB type rated (offer employment until 67 of age)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) bellow 30.


Days off:

Non-commuting: 10 days off per month

Commuting: 16 Consecutive days off in 2 months


Application: COLOR copies of the following documents are required:

1. Passport.

2. Current unrestricted ICAO ATPL License without any limitations whatsoever showing B737 command rating and ICAO English at Level 4 or higher.

3. ICAO Medical Class I

4. Last 3 pages of your logbook pages covering your B737 command flying. One of the pages should be signed or stamped by your airline, or by your CAA.

5. Most recent Proficiency Check.

6. Spring application form and Avionco candidate declaration, completed and returned.