A320 Captains for Air Macau

Air Macau | LISTING DATE: Aug 2019
REF#: 0034

Avionco is delighted to be recruiting A320 Captains for Air Macau. This Airline was established on the 13th of September 1994, with its commercial inauguration taking place on the 9th of November 1995. Air Macau is a regional carrier and operates services to 24 destinations in Mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam, as well as regional international services, from its hub at Macau International Airport.

Air Macau’s current fleet is comprised of 10 A321, 3 A320neo, 4 A319 and 6 A320-200’

Terms & Conditions

Contract Period

In line with the work permit issued to the pilot and is renewable each time the work permit is renewed

Minimum Requirements

  • ICAO/FAA/EASA license.
  • A319/A320/A321 Captains.
  • Current in type within 12 months.
  • Proficiency Check in simulator within the past 18 months
  • Total Flying hours>4000
  • PIC on A320>1000
  • Valid Class I Medical.
  • ICAO level 4 or above.
  • No flight accident record; No criminal record.
  • Max. 59 years old at commencement of contract.