B737 A320 and A330 Captains for Lucky Airlines in China

Lucky Airlines | LISTING DATE: May 2018
REF#: 0010

Avionco is accepting B737NG, A320, and A330 resumes for our client Lucky Airlines. This is a well-known airline in China and has chances for advancement. It’s rotation options include the popular one month on/one month off preference. Excellent Salaries with annual bonuses, housing, overtime pay, and travel allowances.

Terms & Conditions

Contract Period

3 years renewable in 1year increments

Minimum Requirements

  • 737NG & A320 & A330 type rating for appropriate type
  • 5000 total hours in Commercial Airlines
  • 600 hours PIC time on type with a total of 3000 hours. 
  • Current on type within 12 months
  • Valid ATP license, valid passport, Class A Medical
  • Must be from a country with diplomatic ties to China (ICAO member country) 
  • No incidents or accidents
  • Must provide a notarized and authenticated proof of no criminal history